May 182012

May 2012 newsletter

Welcome to the PPD May 2012 Scottish Planning Newsletter

Other than the usual planning stories that appear in the press such as wind-farms, out-of-town shopping centres and city centre gardens, the major planning story is the Government’s consultation on Planning Reform – The Next Steps.

Planning Reform : the next steps

This is a wide-range consultation exercise by the Scottish Government on further reform of the planning system.  The most controversial aspect is the proposal for a thorough revision of planning fees, most of which will rise – in some cases substantially.   The previously-expressed wish that fees are related to performance is given scant attention.  The justification is that fee income to Councils does not reflect the cost of running the Development Management service.

Another controversial issue is the suggestion that Councils should again be able to ignore Reporters’ development plan examination findings.

The five consultation papers cover the following subjects.  The closing date for responses is Friday June 22, 2012.

  • Fees for Planning Applications
  • Development Delivery
  • Development Plan Examinations
  • Miscellaneous Amendments to the Planning System
  • General Permitted Development Order.

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Development plan monitoring

Few new plans have appeared since our last newsletter in February.  We suspect that this is due to planning committees shying away from taking potentially controversial decisions in the run up to the local government elections.

Nevertheless some Main Issue Reports have been published, or are about to appear, and there are some consultation deadlines during May and June.

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