May 172012

Development Plan Review May 2012

May 2012

Recent headline events have seen West Lothian Council circulate a questionnaire to those promoting sites for development allocation, which is designed to test whether sites are likely to be “effective” in delivering housing land during the Plan period.   South Ayrshire has produced a Draft Plan which is very limited in its allocation of development land.  Legal challenges to the Aberdeen Local Development Plan (by Tesco) , and to the Cairngorms National Park Local Plan continue.  Our favourite Strategic Development Plan “Tayplan”, completed its Reporters examination in April and was awarded the RTPI Silver Jubilee Cup, receiving very high praise.  The Reporters’ findings on our unfavoured plan, Glasgow and the Clyde Valley Strategic Development Plan, were released in April with considerable comment on its approach to strategic housing land.

Progress made recently has been publication of a number of Main Issues Reports (MIR).  Few new draft development plans have appeared since our last bulletin in February.  At that time several councils appeared to be avoiding controversial decisions by delaying publication until after the Local Government elections, and that is basically what happened.

In the two central belt city-regions, councils are awaiting the approval of Strategic Development Plans before drafting new local development plans.

The February bulletin included an explanation of the many acronyms that are found in development planning :  if you see one below that you don’t understand, click back to the February bulletin here.

Some forthcoming dates for development plans throughout Scotland 

Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan
The Council expect that this plan will be adopted on 1st June 2012, being the first “new style” plan to complete the process.

Highland Council Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan
The MIR has been published, with comments to be in by 6th July.  The plan covers an area centred on Inverness and bounded by Nairn, Tain and Fort Augustus.

Moray Local Development Plan
The MIR is expected to be published during May.

Scottish Borders Local Development Plan
The MIR has been published, with comments to be in by 25th June.

South Ayrshire Draft Local Plan
This is expected to be formally published during May, but can already be viewed on the Council website.

South Lanarkshire Draft Local Plan
The Main Issues Report (MIR) has been published, with comments to be in by 29th June.

West Lothian Council
As mentioned above, a consultation is underway with those who have already made representations to the “Call for sites”, taking the form of an “effectiveness” questionnaire which is to be returned to the council by 1st June.

West Dunbartonshire
The MIR has been published, with comments to be in by 22nd June.

May 2012